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Soul for Sole

All-Star Cleaning

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All-Star Cleaning


The all-in cleaning for sneakers and boots (e.g. Timberlands) of all kinds or for heavy soiling

- manual, intensive cleaning of the midsole and upper

- manual cleaning of the laces, if necessary also ironing of the laces

- Deodorization and disinfection using ozone and spray

- Removal of wrinkles from the midsole (depending on the material)

- easy cleaning of the insole if it is removable

- easy cleaning of the outsole (bottom sole)

- impregnation

Also includes minor color repairs to the upper if possible and the color is available.

High-quality cleaning on upper, mid/under-sole, lace cleaning/steaming, standard insole and upper inner -lining, and conditioning

Chemical-Free Products

  • 3-7 days  (Shipping process not included)

Don't know how it works?

1. Mail us your shoes with a tracking number.

2. Once we have received your shoes, you will be notified via Email and/or Whatsapp that you shoes have made it to our facility.

3. After that your shoes will enter the Cleaning/Restoration process.

4. When your shoes are completed, we will send a confirmation to inform you.

5. We will then mail your shoes to you with a Trusted Carrier and provide you with a Tracking Number.