From our Sole to your Sole

Have you ever wondered how to make your company look special? Have you ever wondered how your branding could stay forever in people’s heads? Have you ever wanted to increase marketability? Add to advertisement? It goes without saying that in many companies, the standard black leather sneakers combined with a jacket have really conquered the usual dressing way. And yet, if you want to corporate identity instead, make a difference, we have the solution. We are SoulforSole, a company with great experience in the field of sneakers. We’ve taken on tasks like the design and creation of shoes for the board of directors, soccer players, models, television personnel, DJs and many more. We are here ready to handle not only the production of the shoes, but also the internal and external marketing and the service.
Have you ever looked at your wardrobe thinking how you’re going to renovate it? Feeling already the financial pressure that comes with such decision? Have your shoes ever held you back? Well, we are here to help you.
Why having a Company Sneaker is a Tremendous Idea:

Events & Trade Shows 

Turning up at events like a team does always make an impression. With your company sneakers, not only will your staff look united, but you will also catch the attention of the many in a discreet but doubtlessly effective way. 


There comes this special day of the year: Christmas. But also this very known, much feared question: what do I give to my employees? Well, our sneakers are not just ordinary shoes. With a branding of your choice, these shoes will not only be a beautiful gift, but they will also promote loyalty, productivity and a sense of belonging. Your employee will feel even happier to belong in the company. 

Marketing Campaign 

Raffles/Giveaways have long been a recognized and efficient means of generating visibility, attention and reach. With a customized corporate sneaker you are ahead of the other brands and benefit from the popularity of shoes. All you need to do is ask us and SoulforSole will make sure that you are always on top. 


Just like Christmas, anniversaries are an important part of our lives. It is also the ideal time to show your employees that you appreciate them, and that they are an important asset to the company. Our sneakers are definitely meant to send a positive message, while their special design will stay forever in their memory. 

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SoulforSole & Your Company 
Are you an entrepreneur, brand, store or marketing person? Are you looking for a way to make your company eye-catching? We have the perfect solution for you. It doesn’t matter how big or how famous your company is. It doesn’t even matter whether your order will be great or small; we are here to make sure that your company gets the best of reputation, while also making a difference in the field of appearance. All by delivering you the best of shoes. 
SoulforSole is not just about creating shoes. It is our mission to inspire you and assist you in creating a successful brand. 
Our designers has many years of experience and great skill to ensure that your product is not only eye-catching, but also comfortable and durable.  
Have you ever thought about adding a new tone to your workplace? With our new company sneakers, your employees will definitely make a difference. With designs made exclusively based on personal taste, the shoes are bound to impress even the fussiest employee, adding a freshness to the workplace and boosting the productivity. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary information by visiting our website and filling out the given order document 
The moment the order has been placed, and the information is in our hands, our designers will start putting their best talent into action.  
No worries about missing out on the fun; videos and pictures showing the production of the shoes are delivered to the employees allowing them an insight into the process, while at the same time, adding to the enthusiasm. This way, even anticipation turns out being fun. 
DO YOU THINK THAT IT ENDS THERE? We take on the responsibility of delivering the shoes to every employee individually and a return policy is also available. This way, the employer and the employees will not have to worry about their shoes. Our customer service will also be available. 
Last but not least, while our base is in Germany, delivery across the world is very much possible. So, if you do own an international company and consider working with us, do not waste a single second; we will be more than happy to talk and collaborate with you.